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Pack 'er up!

Time to put Frankie to bed for her upcoming trip. It was a bit of a mission/learning curve but she's snug as a bug and (fingers crossed) good to go for a hop across the pond. Of course the whole process makes me nervous but you can only do so much and then it's in the Universe's hands!

I now need to catalog and pack up all the gear that was attached to Frankie... and make sure I have every bolt and attachment piece accounted for, lol.

Glad I baked in a day upon my arrival to get her built back up (and if need be hit a bike shop for whatever reason) before embarking on my croissant exploration ;)

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Unknown member
May 07, 2023

Nice job with the heating wrap, brings back memories / nightmares for me, haha. What is that rear seat stay rack thingy? You decided to leave it on the bike to protect the frame during transport huh? (Just wonderin, not questioning - I know you thought it thru a million times :)

Evan Kezsbom
Evan Kezsbom
May 07, 2023
Replying to

Thanks, it was a mission! It’ll be fun rebuilding it all once I get over there 🤪😬 The plumbing insulation gave me a little extra piece of mind but really depending on the Evoc bag to provide some bomber protection 🤞 I stripped the bike down completely, including the rear Aeroe mounts (see final packed photos) but kept the Aeroe frame on. Didn’t want to risk it getting crushed in transit.

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