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EV17 & Montelimar

Updated: May 22, 2023

Had a beautiful ride from Bollene to Montelimar today. Finally connecting with th Eurovelo 17 as I head north along the mighty Rhône! The winds are still cranking so it was more slogging into it but the 17 route so far is spectacular. A meandering pathway through treed lanes and open poppy fields just beside the river.

I stopped at a local brasserie for lunch which I always love. They have incredible food, all under €20. I went for the beef tartare which is DYI here, including the raw egg yolk 😋 Accompanied by a large salad and amazing fries (have maintain control on those!). A stroll around town, through the park and just general exploring is on this afternoon's agenda. A little break at a tiny cafe was perfect to grab an espresso and petite "cannoli" (rolled in pralines and filled w salted butter caramel cream... no words).

The afternoon was spent exploring the town which I'm was fun and interesting but personally not worth a special stop. I did have some of the most incredible artisan chocolates that I've ever tried. And the pieces were mostly less than €1! I'm guessing it might be a small chain but if you ever come across Jeff de Bruges chocolate, definitely go for it! I had my first pizza of the trip (the French love their pizza!). The style is usually super thin w very fresh ingredients. This pie was pesto based w fresh asparagus, tomatoes and eggplant. 10/10.

The sun is out and if you're lucky enough to hide from the wind, it's warm! The "mistral" continues until finally calming tomorrow... once the threat of rain appears 🤦‍♂️😆. Headwinds will still be present but probably just into the teens.

Tomorrow will just be by ear as I head north torwards Valence. I'll go as far as I feel and see what the options are 🤷‍♂️🤪

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