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Cloudy with a chance of sheep

Well, after a less than an ideal night's rest due to a street lamp outside my window (and only sheer curtains)... I was ready to hit the road and see what the day had in store. The winds finally camles down (still breezy at times but not a full Mistral!). The day was cool and cloudy but that's actually nice for riding and I'll take that over rain (which I thought I'd see at some point over the day).

It was a nice meandering day of about 48 miles. Getting to better know the Eurovelo vibe, cycleways and scenery as Frankie and I settle into the 2 wheeled life. Of course having espresso (on occasion) a few feet off the path never hurts too ;)

The Rhône is dotted w locks and hydro dams to harness the water's energy while still allowing for commercial and leisure watercraft. At one point, while cycling along the river I began hearing bells and within moments found myself upon hundreds of sheep along the banks of the river ...and directly on the bike path.

Well, if you're from CB than this is just a miniature version of the cattle drive on 135 😜 After taking some obligatory photos it was easy enough to part the seas and make my way onward. On the other hand, some cyclists passing the opposite direction were a bit confused and overwhelmed!

I passed countless, bridges, banks, small villages and friendly cyclists everywhere. I went through Valence which looked like a cool little town but ultimately I felt like riding further to get back into the quiet countryside.

I had found a potential campground earlier which I made my way towards. Luckily they had a spot given it was a long holiday weekend and busy everywhere. With the nearest market 30

minutes away (by bike) I was happy to hear they would be serving food this evening at the snack bar 🙏 I had a satisfying bowl of carbonara and local bottle of wine all for €18 🤪 Feeling a bit chilled, I made some tea back by my camp site and got to be early which was a treat!

Bonus: a neighboring camper had a beautiful brindle boxer! Named "Milka" for chocolate milk 🤣

Tomorrow should be a bit of an adventure in an attempt to make Lyon 😎

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