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And so it begins

Updated: May 11, 2023

Had a bit of a scare with the inbound flight to Gunnison almost not making it in due to high winds. They had to fly a missed approach with a go around but fortunately they stuck it on the second lap 😮‍💨 If that flight hadn't landed I would have had to race down to DEN by car with very little time to spare (if any) and a whole lot of stress! 🤪 So grateful for a skilled crew on that RJ and keeping my 24 hrs of travel in tact. Bit of a layover at the moment but glad I had that baked in!

Next stop 🇬🇧 Crumpets and tea or chips and a pint? Is there even a choice? 🤣🍺

The remainder of the trip went well with just a small delay on my final leg. I held my breath going to baggage and was so relieved to see Frankie waiting patiently and seemingly in good shape! 🙏

Tomorrow she gets put back together and then the plan is see the old town of Geneva ☔️ 🤔

LONG day and of course my body clock is out of wack... need some zzzs and slide into MST +8 time change ASAP 🤪

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